Adding Technicians to WorkForce and Inviting Technicians to JobSite

    In WorkForce, you may add any technicians who are going on-site for your client. You may

    Adding Technicians

    You may add technicians either singularly or in bulk. Note that you cannot assign work orders to a technician until after he/she has accepted your WorkForce invitation and completed a JobSite profile.

    How to Add a Single Technician:

    Adding a Single Technician to WorkForce

    1. Under the Employees tab, click the plus (+) icon, either on top of the console or on the bottom of the list. The Add an Employee overlay appears.
    2. Enter the technician’s full name and email address.
    3. (Optional) In the message box, edit any information as necessary.
    4. Click Add Employee. The technician will appear in WorkForce.

    Single Tech in WorkForce Console

    Once a technician is created in WorkForce you can:

    How to Add Multiple Technicians (Bulk Upload):

    Adding Multiple Techs to WorkForce

    1. Under the Employees tab, click Bulk Upload above the technician list. The Bulk Upload overlay appears.
    2. Click Download Spreadsheet (titled “TradesmenList.xlsx”) and then Save the Excel spreadsheet.
    3. Open the TradesmenList.xlsx spreadsheet and enter each technician’s First Name, Last Name, Email, and Mobile Phone, one per row.
      Adding Technicians in Bulk using Excel
    4. Save the spreadsheet once all technicians are added.
    5. In WorkForce, click Upload Spreadsheet to locate and select the spreadsheet on your hard drive, and then click Open or OK. The Bulk Upload modal appears. The technicians will list on the page for you to review the information for accuracy.
    6. (Optional) Click any field to edit information, or add information that may not have transferred correctly.
    7. Click Proceed. The email message appears.
    8. (Optional) In the message box, edit any information as necessary.   
    9. Click Finish, and then (if needed) refresh the page. The technicians list on the WorkForce console.

    Example of Multiple Technicians in WorkForce

    Once technicians are created in WorkForce you can:

    Monitoring Technicians’ WorkForce Invitation Acceptance and JobSite Profile Creation

    Technicians using the JobSite app must complete a profile so you can dispatch work orders:

    • Accept the above invitation and agree to the Terms of Service.
    • Complete a user profile, including name, home address, phone number, and drivers license information (where applicable); and
    • Add a photo that will be shown as the badge clients will scan.

    Note: You cannot assign work orders to a technician through WorkForce until (s)he has completed a JobSite profile.

    You may monitor each technician’s progress in completing each JobSite profile:

    Technician Statuses in WorkForce

    • No Response: The technician has not accepted the invitation. You will see the date the invitation was sent. After some time without a response, the Invite Again button appears next to the technician.
    • Incomplete Profile: The technician has accepted the invitation, and has at least accepted the JobSite Terms of Service. You will see the date the technician started working on his/her JobSite profile.
    • Profile Complete: The technician has completed the JobSite profile. You are now able to assign work orders to that technician through WorkForce.

      Note: Review and verify the technician’s photo to ensure it is an acceptable image to represent your company.