Issuing a Temporary Pass

    In cases when a technician has not generated a badge, or in cases when you have other visitors entering your location, you may use Temp Pass to manage onsite visits. When needed, you may attach a Temp Pass to a pre-existing work order.

    Note: Similar to Granted Access, a Temp Pass is only valid for 24 hours.

    You need to take a photo of that visitor, as well as view one form of photo ID

    • Drivers License
    • Military ID
    • Passport
    • Other State Provided ID
    • Student ID

    How to issue a Temp Pass

    1. From the Scheduled tab, tap Temp Pass. The Issue Temp Pass page appears.
      Entering Temp Pass Information
    2. Next to Is there a WO, tap the slider to indicate (either yes or no) whether a Work Order is associated with the temp pass.
      • (When Yes is selected) A list of work orders appears from which you can choose. Tap the desired work order, and then tap Use for Temp Pass.
        Temp Pass Has a Work Order
      • Enter the visitor’s First and Last Names, as well as a Phone Number.
      • Indicate the Type of ID Provided from the visitor that you have reviewed.
      • Take a Headshot of the visitor using your mobile phone’s camera.
      • (Optional) Enter comments about the visitor or visit.
      • Tap Generate Temp Pass. The temporary badge is listed under the Access Granted tab.

    Generated Temp Pass