Feedback Tab

    You may set the options for work order feedback from the Feedback tab. Note that while other settings in this tab apply immediately, in case your company currently does not have feedback enabled, and you want to enable feedback, in addition to making the necessary change in this tab, you will also need to contact ServiceChannel.

    Feedback Tab

    Note: To configure feedback options, in the Feedback tab, you may check/uncheck desired options, enter details, or select from drop-down lists, as applicable for each field, and then click Save Changes. A confirmation message appears at the top-right corner of the screen.

    • Enable Feedback: Require positive feedback from dashboard users to allow service providers invoice completed work orders.

      Important: In case your company currently does not require feedback, and you want to enable feedback, you need to contact ServiceChannel, in addition to checking the Enable Feedback box.

    • Email to Location Note: Name of the location note header containing the emails of users to be notified when negative feedback is added to work orders.
    • Custom Unsatisfactory Message: Message to be included in the notification email sent to service providers when negative feedback is added to work orders.
    • Enable Auto-Confirm: In case feedback is not added to a work order within the time limit specified in the Days to Notify box, the work order will automatically move to Completed/Confirmed status, and service providers will be able to invoice.
    • Send Feedback Alert to Created By User: Feedback reminder emails are also sent to the user who created the work order, in addition to the location contact.
    • Days to Notify: Number of days available for dashboard users to leave feedback on work orders; users receive notification once each day.
    • Custom Notification Message: Message to display in the feedback reminder email sent to dashboard users.
    • Enable Supply Manager Email Confirmation: Provide the ability to use email to confirm receipt of items ordered through Supply Manager.
    • Hours to Notify: Number of hours after the scheduled date when confirmation email for a work order created through Supply Manager is sent.
    • Email Confirmation Custom Message: Message to appear in the confirmation email for work orders created through Supply Manager.
    • Change Status to In Progress/Unsatisfactory for Negative Feedback: Automatically change work order status to In Progress/Unsatisfactory when negative feedback is provided.
    • Change Status to Completed/Confirmed for Positive Feedback: Automatically change work order status to Completed/Confirmed when positive feedback is provided.
    • Statuses for Feedback: Dashboard users can add feedback to work orders with the selected statuses.
    • Show Days: Display work orders awaiting feedback for the number of days specified here, starting from the completion date.

      Note: If you have enabled Auto-confirm, the work orders will only display up to the number of days specified in the Days to Notify field.

    • Show Completed Date: Display the date when the service provider marked the work order as Completed through either the IVR or the GPS app.
    • Enable Resolution Text: Display the resolution text added by service providers.
    • Enable Negative Feedback Notification: Send notifications to the service provider and the location email (from the location note header specified in the Email to Location Note field) when negative feedback is added to a work order.
    • Show Schedule Date: The number of days until the scheduled date appears next to Schedule Date in the Leave Feedback screen.
    • Disable Unsatisfactory Alerts to Providers: Stop sending alerts to service providers for unsatisfactory feedback.
    • Warning for Future Schedule Tickets: Display a warning message when a dashboard user attempts to add feedback to a work order with a future Schedule Date.