Request Tab

    The Request tab allows you to customize the work order creation process for dashboard users, including, for example, settings for duplicate work order warnings and recalls.

    Request Tab

    Note: To make changes to the Request tab, make sure you enter required information in the desired fields, check the boxes next to the desired options, and/or select desired options from drop-down lists, and then click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen. A confirmation message appears at the top-right corner of the screen.

    Note: The following settings in the Request tab also affect SC Mobile app users: Enable Request Wizard, settings for duplicate warnings, and the permission to mark assets for repair or replacement.

    • Enable Request Wizard: Allow dashboard users to add work orders.
    • Turn Off Problem Description: Stop users from adding problem description for work orders.
    • Show Private Store Notes: Display location notes from location note headers that are marked as Private.
    • Show Last Service Call: Show the previous service request description and status in the new request email sent to service providers.
    • Show Provider Phone Number: Display the service provider’s phone number on the confirmation screen after a new request is submitted.
    • Set Original Vendor for Recalls: Assign recalls to the original service provider; when this box is left unchecked, a recall will be assigned to the primary ranked provider, even when a different service provider originally completed the work order.
    • NTE to Zero For Recalls: Set the NTE to zero to for recalls.

      Important: Remember to enable Set original Vendor for Recalls when you set NTE to Zero for Recalls.

    • Days Of History To Display: The maximum age (in number of days) of completed work orders that display as possible duplicates while creating a similar work order.

      Note: Work orders in the Open status may list as possible duplicates even when they are older than the number of days specified.

    • Show Store Warranty: Settings for stores under warranty:
      • None: Allow users to create work orders for stores under warranty; store warranty message does not display.
      • Show: Display store warranty message in the Request Service screen, but allow users to create work orders.
      • Stop: Prevent users from creating work orders for a store under warranty.
    • Store Warranty Message: Warranty message to display if you selected Show in Show Store Warranty above.
    • Confirmation Message: Confirmation message that appears after a user submits the work order.
    • Provider Not Found Message: Custom message to appear when a service provider has not been assigned for the selected trade.
    • Filters For Duplicates: Criteria to identify duplicate work orders (similar work orders in the Open, In Progress, and Completed statuses list as possible duplicates).
    • Excluded Categories For Open Duplicates: Open or In Progress work orders belonging to the selected categories do not display as possible duplicates.
    • Excluded Categories For Closed Duplicates: Closed work orders belonging to selected categories do not display as possible duplicates.
    • Excluded statuses: Work orders in selected statuses do not display as possible duplicates.
    • Disable Duplicate WO for Trade: Prevent users from creating new work orders for selected trades when an original work order exists in Open, In Progress, or Completed/Pending Confirmation status.
    • Enable asset: Allow dashboard users to select specific assets for new work orders.
    • Enable Asset Replacement Flag: Allow dashboard users to mark an asset for repair or replacement.
    • Enable Location Notes: Applies to Dashboard 2.0 only. Allow dashboard users to view location notes while adding a work order for a location.