Request Confirm Tab

    From the Request Confirm tab, you may allow dashboard users to change the default values of a work order that are derived from provider assignments and the issue list, such as the provider, category, or priority.

    Request Confirum Tab

    Note: To make changes to the Request Confirm tab, check the boxes next to the desired options, and then click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen. A confirmation message appears at the top-right corner of the screen.

    Note: The following settings in the Request Confirm tab also affect SC Mobile app users: Changeable Category, Changeable Priority, Changeable NTE, and Changeable Provider.

    • Changeable Category: Allow dashboard users to assign a different category to a work order.
    • Changeable Priority: Allow dashboard users to change the priority of a work order.
    • Changeable NTE: Allow dashboard users to change the NTE (not-to-exceed amount).
    • Changeable Currency: Allow dashboard users to change NTE currency when needed. 
    • Changeable Scheduled Date: Allow dashboard users to change the scheduled date.
    • Changeable Provider: Allow dashboard users to change the provider.
    • Enable Accounting fields: Allow dashboard users to update GL and approval codes while creating a work order.
    • Enable Linked Requests: Allow dashboard users to create linked work orders.
    • Show Recipients: Displays the email of the service provider who will receive the request.
    • Add Copy Recipient: Allow dashboard users to add additional recipients with access to the location.
    • Delete Copy Recipient: Allow dashboard users to remove default email for the selected service provider.
    • Empty Provider Email Notification: Adds a note to the work order should an email not exist for the service provider to receive the request.
    • PO field: Allows dashboard users to add a purchase order number while creating a new work order.