About Dashboard Administration

    A Dashboard Admin (Administrator) user may set up options for creating and managing work orders for users of different dashboards. He/she may also update theme-specific information or set messages to display on specific dashboards.

    See Adding and Editing Users for information on assigning Dashboard Admin and/or other roles to your users.

    Accessing the Dashboard Admin Page

    When logged in to Service Automation, if you have been assigned the Dashboard Admin role, you may access Dashboard Admin functions from the dashboard.

    How to Access the Dashboard Admin Page

    1. On the Service Automation homepage, click the + icon in the left. The Search by Location page appears.
      • From any other screen: at the top-left corner of the screen, click the menu icon, and select Create Service Request > Service Request Dashboard. The Search by Location page appears.
    2. Enter a location ID, and then click Search. The relevant location displays.
    3. Click the name of the desired location. The dashboard appears, with the following links in addition to other left navigation menu items:
      • Edit Message of the Day, where messages can be set to display on specific dashboards for select periods of time.
      • Edit Dashboard Settings, where display settings and work order creation/management options can be set for dashboard users.
      • Convert Issue List, where issue lists can be added/updated for different dashboards.

      Dashboard Admin

    Managing Dashboard Settings

    The Edit Dashboard Settings page allows you to edit work order management settings for dashboard users. These settings are available under the following tabs:

    • General: Theme-specific information, language settings, and log in / out redirects.
    • Summary: Settings for the Summary page.
    • Request: New service request settings.
    • Request Confirm: Settings for modifying the defaults derived from the issue list, such as category, priority, NTE, and notifications.
    • Note: Settings for viewing and adding notes from the dashboard.
    • Report: Options for the View Open Tickets and View Work History pages.
    • Feedback: Settings for confirming completion of work orders marked as completed by service providers.
    • Invoice: Invoice approval settings for users added to MLI configuration.
    • Auto-Users: Settings for auto-user creation for dashboards.
    • Areas: Adding new areas, that were added to the issue list.
    • Override: Adding new overrides, that were added to the issue list.
    • Sorting: Settings for displaying work orders.

    As a Dashboard Admin user, you may modify the settings for all dashboards; so it is important to ensure the correct dashboard is selected before making necessary changes.

    How to Edit Dashboard Settings

      1. At the top of the Edit Dashboard Settings page, open the Current Dashboard drop-down list, and select the desired dashboard.
      2. Click Switch. The settings for the selected dashboard appear.
      3. Make desired changes in a tab, and then click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen. A message overlay appears in the top-right corner of the screen, indicating the changes were saved.
      4. Repeat step 3 to make desired changes to other tabs.