Reassigning a Work Order to Another Service Provider

    Depending on your permissions, you may reassign a work order to a different provider, such as when the assigned service provider cannot make the estimated time of arrival (ETA), or when the provider does not service the trade.

    When you reassign a work order, the new service provider receives the service request email and the original service provider receives a cancellation email.

    How to Reassign a Work Order

    1. On the Work Order search results page, click Reassign next to the desired work order. Alternately, in the Edit <Work Order #> window, select Open & Reassign in the Status drop-down list.The Reassign <Work Order #> overlay appears, as an overlay on top of the Edit <Work Order #> screen.
    2. (Optional) Modify the scheduled date and time.
    3. Select the appropriate Reason for Reassignment.
    4. (Optional) Enter a Note describing the reason for the reassignment.
    5. (Optional) Modify the Problem Description:
      1. Click the Edit button next to Problem Description.
      2. Select the Area, Problem Type, Asset Type, Problem Code, as desired.
      3. Enter the new Problem Description.
      4. Click Save.
    6. (Optional) Update the Category, Priority, or Trade, as desired.
    7. (Optional) Update the NTE and GL Code.
    8. Select the New Provider. The email of the selected provider lists in the Request will be sent to and Send a copy to fields.
    9. (Optional) Enter desired email(s) in the Request will be sent to field.

      Note: Use ; or , to separate multiple email addresses.

    10. (Optional) Enter desired email(s) in the Send a copy to field.
    11. Click Reassign this Work Order. The confirmation page appears, noting on the top that the work order was reassigned to the new provider. A note gets added to the work order with the details of the reassignment.