Creating a Work Order in FTM Mobile

    A work order is a ticket that is dispatched to a service provider to perform repair or maintenance services. Generally, the work order details what the issue is, where the issue is, and when to go to a location, as well as the maximum cost allowed. In FTM Mobile you may create work orders that are dispatched to either internal or external providers.


    How to Create a Work Order:

    1. On the work orders list page, tap Create. The Create Work Order page appears.
    2. Tap the desired location.
    3. Tap the drop-down menus to choose the appropriate Area, Problem Type, Asset Type, and Problem Code where the problem is occurring.

      Create Work Order    FTM Mobile Create Work Order

         Create Work Order


    4. Tap Next.
      • (When the issue is a duplicate) Tap the back arrow and then tap Cancel WO. The work order is not created; you are returned to the work order list for that location.
      • (When the issue is NOT a duplicate) Tap Next.
      • Should the Check for Duplicates page appear, this means a work order was already entered for the issue you are currently creating. Tap the Work Order to review the details.
    5. On the Troubleshooting page, enter the relevant information in the text box. Fully describe the problem so the service provider is as knowledgeable about your request as possible.
      • (Where applicable) Answer any Interactive Troubleshooting questions you encounter to assist in detailing the issue.
        Note: Should a Message appear, you cannot continue with entering the work order. Follow the instructions on the screen, where applicable, and tap Cancel WO.
    6. Tap Next. The Add Note page appears.
    7. (Where applicable) Tap Add Photo to either take a new photo or video of the issue or upload a photo or video of the issue you have already taken.
      Note: Be very careful to review the photo/video you are appending to the work order. Once the work order with the photo/vide is sent, it can only be removed by a user with administrative rights.
    8. Enter your name in the first text field.
    9. (Optional) Enter your phone number in the second text field.
    10. Tap Next. The Confirm WO Information page appears.
    11. Review the service request for accuracy, and then tap Confirm/Create WO. The work order is generated and dispatched to the assigned service provider. You will see a popup indicating the Tracking # and that the service provider was sent an email of your request.

      FTM Mobile Create Work Order

    12. Tap Close.
      Note: Work orders assigned to your internal technician team will appear under the All in my Area list.