Reviewing Details of a Work Order in FTM Mobile

    On each work order in FTM mobile you will see the following details:

    FTM Work Order Detail Screen

    FTM Work Order Deatil Screen

    FTM Work Order Detail Screen


    FTM Work Order Detail Screen

    Only items with a pencil icon are editable. This may differ based on your configuration.

    • Status The current stage of the work order
    • Priority The number of days from the Schedule Date the service provider should arrive onsite to work on the issue, as configured by your administrator
    • Schedule Date  The date and time the service provider should arrive at your location, calculated by the Priority
    • Call Date The date the work order was generated
    • Caller The person who submitted the work order
    • NTE The Not to Exceed Amount
    • Trade The line of work under which the work order falls
    • Provider The company assigned the work order
    • Technician the technician or technicians assigned to the work order
    • Tracking NumberThis is the automatically generated number for a work order and cannot be changed
    • Purchase Order Number This editable number allows you to use custom numbers that align with your current business practices
    • Description The explanation of the problem, as entered while placing the service request
    • Category Classifications that are created in the system by the administrator to group different types of work orders
    • Asset the equipment or location in need of service
    • Parts modal for adding parts used on work order








    Underneath each work order assigned to you, you may depending on your companies configuration and your permissions:

    • add notes to communicate information about the job
    • add photos or videos to the work order
    • add a file such as an image file or manual 
    • action required send an alert notification to those listed on the work order
    • log time spent on work order
    • cancel the work order when it is no longer needed
    • link the Work Order to a new, related work order
    • reassign the work order back to your home office, to another internal technician, or to an external service provider.
    add new manual entry in case you forget to use Log Time (above) to check in to a work order.

    From there, other features are available for you to manage your work orders:

    • viewing work orders assigned to you and to other internal technicians and external providers
    • viewing the details of each work order;
    • sorting work orders by store number, priority, scheduled date, and call date;
    • searching for work orders; and
    • creating work orders.