Using FTM Mobile for the First Time

    Before using the Field Tech Manager mobile app, you must be invited as an internal technician. Your company will send this invitation through an email; you must accept the invitation in order to use FTM Mobile.

    Important: You must use a mobile device to accept the invitation.

    FTM Email Invitation to Internal Technicians

    How to Accept an FTM Invitation:

    1. Using a mobile device, check your email for the invitation.
    2. Tap Accept. Your mobile device will navigate to a website for you to choose to download the ServiceChannel FTM mobile app through either the Apple Store or the Play Store.
    3. On the Create Password page, enter a unique password in both fields, and then tap Save.
      Note: Passwords must be 8 characters or more, including capital letters and special characters (for example: #, !, ?, *).
    4. On the Home Page, tap Work Orders. The list of work orders assigned to you appears.