About WorkForce for Field Tech Manager

    WorkForce for Field Tech Manager (or WorkForce for FTM) allows you to

    • invite and manage your internal technicians;
    • assign work orders to technicians; and
    • automate work order assignments.

    Using WorkForce for FTM is beneficial because you can assign an Internal Technician Group to all locations within Service Automation — as opposed to assigning individual technicians to multiple locations — and then automatically or manually dispatch work orders to internal technicians by trade and/or location within WorkForce.

    Note: Your ServiceChannel representative will initially set up your WorkForce account for you and assist you in adding your internal technicians. The rest of this guide will help you manage your Internal Technician Group going forward.

    How to access WorkForce for FTM:

    1. Navigate to workforce.servicechannel.com. The WorkForce home page appears.
    2. Click Login and enter your WorkForce username and password.
    3. Click Login. Your list of internal technicians appears.