Resolving Invalid Badges and Badge Scans

    In SC Mobile you may encounter fallacies, such as invalid badges or a badge not issued. Below is how to resolve some common issues.

    Badge Not Yet Issued

    Scheduled Badge Not Issued

    In cases where a provider has not assigned a work order to a technician, you may see Badge Not Yet Issued under the Scheduled list.

    When a technician arrives for that work order, it is best for that technician to generate a Badge for themselves within their JobSite app.

    Should they be unable to, you may issue a Temp Pass that is already associated with that work order.

    Note: The Badge may exist under another technician. You may see that technician’s name while associating the Temp Pass to the new technician.
    Badge Exists Under Different Technician

    Invalid Badge

    Invalid Badge

    A Badge can be invalid for a few reasons. Here are some examples and some tips on how to resolve them.

    1. The Badge expired. Badges are valid for 24 hours. After that,
      • the Scheduled Date on the work order must be moved to a future date/time
      • the technician must regenerate the Badge, and
      • the Badge must be scanned again for verification.
    2. The technician tried to scan the Badge after the Scheduled Date. Say the scheduled date is July 21 at 4:00pm. A technician has to generate and scan a Badge before 4:30pm (there is a grace period of 30 minutes after the Scheduled Date for technicians to generate and scan a Badge). After that 30-minute grace period ends, the Badge expires and cannot be scanned.
    3. The work order is marked as Complete. Check the status of the work order to ensure it is in either the Open or In Progress status.
    4. The Badge was scanned under the wrong location. For users with access to multiple locations, look on the top of the Invalid Badge message to ensure you are viewing Badges for the right location.