Creating Work Orders Using Issue Lists

    IssueList and IssueChoice are used by the Location Dashboard for work order (WO) creation.


    IssueList is a list of parameters and combinations of these parameters that customize the WO creation workflow for the Service Request Dashboard. It specifies which set of choices is displayed for the selected option, thus making the WO creation process an easier experience.

    IssueList is represented by a Microsoft Excel workbook that consists of several sheets. The initial
    configuration of IssueList involves associating each problem type with a list of assets, associating each asset with a list of problem codes, and finally applying each Problem Type / Asset / Problem Code matrix to one or several areas.


    Using IssueList, ServiceChannel (SC) generates IssueChoice, which is a wizard that allows callers to choose only the right combination of parameters when creating WOs. For example, when the caller selects the required location and area, a list of problem types for these location and area is provided. After the caller selects a problem type, the remaining choices for the selected location, area, and problem type appear.

    The IssueChoice feature helps callers select the right Problem Type, Asset, and Problem, which correspond to ProblemType, AssetType, and ProblemCode parameters.


    Follow the attached guide to create the API integration for creating work orders using IssueLists.