About Decision Engine

    Responding to information such as proposals is typically a “gut feel” exercise that often involves multiple people across the organization to help make decisions. It also takes time and massive effort to research historical data to determine if you are, indeed, taking the right approach. Over time, you may be increasing spend without having insight on transparent data to help reduce cost and time.

    Imagine that you could harness years of hidden data — or “dark data” — and past decisions to help you make future decisions with more confidence: data that is “predictively” analyzed to give you actionable intelligence such as whether to approve or reject a proposal. Instead of days — or even weeks — in meetings or doing research, you can take action within minutes…even seconds.

    Decision Engine is an analytical tool that harnesses your historical data to influence future decision-making results. It takes data already in your Service Automation instance — your operational data points (such as trade, category, price, and provider compliance and performance, for example), your historical data, and your past decisions — and uses advanced machine learning to give you confidence-based recommendations along with supporting intelligence. Then, based on your actions, Decision Engine will adapt to help refine future recommendations.

    With Decision Engine you can:

    • improve decision quality and consistency by using historical patterns as well as supporting intelligence to augment your experience and expertise;
    • spend less time researching, discussing, contesting and verifying which actions to take; and
    • reduce spending by making better decisions.

    The final decision, of course, is yours. Think of Decision Engine as augmented reality, and your historical data is behind a closed door. Decision Engine analyzes what is happening behind the door, and then recommends whether you should or should not open the door. Ultimately, you decide whether to open the door. Then, Decision Engine learns what types of doors you like to open or close and adapts to your behavior, affecting future recommendations.

    Using Decision Engine

    Decision Engine is available for: