Ordering Background Checks

    Checkr is ServiceChannel’s select partner of background screening for technicians. When you login to WorkForce the first time, you will create an account with Checkr (should you not already have an account).

    After your business is verified through Checkr and at least one of your technicians has completed his/her profile on JobSite, you may begin ordering background checks. Next to each completed profile, you can place an order to Checkr for a background check.

    Ordered Background Check in WorkForce

    Important: ServiceChannel can NOT view or store information from your Checkr account or background checks. Please contact Checkr at (855) 833-3364 for any issues with account information or background checks.

    How to Order Background Checks

    1. On the WorkForce console next to a technician’s completed profile, click Bkgrd Check.
    2. On the Order Background Checks overlay, select as many technicians as needed, and then click Order. The Bkgrd Check button will turn to Ordered, and the technician’s status will turn to Bkgrd Ordered, along with the order date.
      Note: The technician may receive an email from Checkr requesting more information in order to run the background check.
    3. When a background check returns, the button will change to Ordered, and the status will turn to Bkgrd Checked.

    Returned Background Check in WorkForce