Comparing Site Access Badges and Airline Travel

    In airline travel there are specific rules around flying. Site Access behaves similar to airline travel. The chart below may help you recognize these specific rules while you are on site:


    Airline Travel

    Site Access


    Once you book your flight, you may review your itinerary at any time.

    Once a technician is assigned a work order, (s)he can view the work order details in JobSite at any time.

    Schedule Date/Time

    The plane is scheduled to leave the gate at the Departure Date/Time. Departing after that marks the plane as ‘delayed.’

    A technician is scheduled to be at the client’s location at the Scheduled Date/Time. Arriving 30 minutes after disallows a technician from gaining access.

    Generating a Badge

    You cannot generate a boarding pass until 24 hours before your flight.

    A technician can generate a badge for any work order with a future scheduled date/time, up to 1 minute before the Scheduled Date.

    24 hours before…

    You may check into your flight up to 24 hours before your flight. If you try to check in before that 24-hour window (even by 1 minute), you are denied.

    A badge may be scanned up to 24 hours before the Scheduled Date. If the badge is scanned before that 24-hour window (even by 1 minute), the technician is denied access.

    Late Check In

    Once the plane is gone you cannot check in.

    Once a badge is scanned the technician is checked in.

    A badge may be scanned by the client up to 30 minutes after the Scheduled Date to allow the technician to check in.

    Pass Lifespan

    Once your boarding pass is scanned, you typically no longer need it.

    A Site Access badge is valid for 24 hours after the first time a Location User scans it. You may leave and return to the location within that 24-hour period, and the location user will scan to verify the badge each time.

    Temporary Passes

    Should you miss a flight, you may be placed on standby. The operator will gather pertinent information from you in order to generate a standby boarding pass.

    A Location user can generate a Temp Pass for technicians who have not generated a badge. Location users will gather pertinent information from the technician to generate the temp pass, for both SC work orders and non-SC work orders.

    Location Entry and Exit

    Once you leave the plane you cannot go back on board. Once you leave an airport you have to go through security to get back in, provided your boarding pass is still valid.

    Whenever a technician enters and leaves a location (s)he must check in and check out, so locations know who is in the store at all times.

    Frequent trips

    Recommended to book travel for frequent dates ahead of time.

    In the maintenance use case, badges will be created by the contractor for their employees as far ahead of time as necessary.

    Move the Schedule Date

    An airline will not move the Departure Date. It is what it is.

    A contractor company or the client can move the Scheduled Date into the future when a technician needs a new badge for any reason.