Accessing JobSite for the First Time

    Before receiving work orders (or “boarding passes”), you first have to setup a profile in JobSite. Your employer will send you an email invitation to create a profile.

    Note: We recommend using a mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet) while using JobSite.
    Note: When setting up your profile, we strongly recommend using a private wi-fi connection. While ServiceChannel does not see, store, or share your information, it is not recommended to send this information across public wi-fi or public cellular data.

    Logging in to Site Access JobSite

    How to Accept a JobSite Invitation and Create a Profile

    1. Check your email for the invitation.
    2. Tap Accept. Your mobile device will navigate to the JobSite web app.
    3. On the Create Password page, enter a unique password in both fields, and then tap Save.
      Note: Passwords must be 8 characters or more, including capital letters and special characters (for example: #, !, ?, *).
    4. On the JobSite Terms of Use screen, tap I Agree.
    5. In the My Profile section, complete the following:

      Site Access JobSite: My Profile

    6. Review your Company’s name and contact information for accuracy.
      1. If your employer gave you a Contractor PIN:
        • i. Tap Add Another Contractor’s Pin.
        • ii. Enter the PIN your employer gave you, and tap Add PIN. A subsequent contracting company will appear.
      2. Scroll down to see your name pre-populated in the Name fields.
        • Make any adjustments to your name, as necessary (for example, add your Middle Name or correct any spelling errors).
      3. Enter the required information in the rest of the form fields (Phone Number, Home Address, and Date of Birth).
        Tip: For Date of Birth, tap the Month to cycle through months and years, for easy selection
      4. Check the box if you DO NOT have a driving license.
      5. Tap Update.
    7. On the Photo tab, take a photo of yourself (or a “selfie”). This photo will appear on all Badges presented to your clients.
      1. Tap Change.
      2. Follow your mobile phone’s instructions on taking a photo of yourself or finding a photo in your photo library.
        Note: Use a photo that shows your entire face, without sunglasses or sporty headgear.
      3. Adjust and crop your photo as necessary, and then tap Save/Crop. Your photo will save and appear on the screen.
      4. Tap the back arrow next to Account to return to the home page.

    At this point, your employer can begin dispatching work orders to you.