Site Access Terminology and Questions

    For technicians working with JobSite and ServiceChannel for the first time, this list may help you understand common terminology you will find as you are learning how to use JobSite. You may also refer to Comparing Site Access Badges and Airline Travel for more examples of how to use Site Access Badge.

    1. What is a Scheduled Date (or Scheduled Date/Time)?
      • The Scheduled Date (or Scheduled Date/Time) is an indicator for when the service provider is expected to be on site. Imagine the Schedule Date as similar to the Departure Date of a flight.
      • The Scheduled Date is listed on every work order.
    2. Why is the Scheduled Date/Time important?
      • The client needs to know when you will arrive to fix the problem. When you do not check in by the scheduled date/time, you are deemed as late to check in.
    3. What is a Badge?
      • A badge gives you access to your clients’ sites. Imagine this badge as similar to a boarding pass for a flight: you cannot board the plane without a boarding pass, and you cannot enter a location without a badge.
      • You have to generate a badge for every work order, just like you would have a boarding pass every time you fly.
    4. When can I generate a Badge?
      • Just like you can generate a boarding pass up until you board the plane, you can generate a badge for any work order, up until the Schedule Date.
    5. What happens if I am late and cannot generate a Badge?
      • We do allow a grace period of 30 minutes after the Scheduled Date for you to generate a badge. After 30 minutes, ask your manager or your client to move the scheduled date forward so you can generate a new badge.
    6. When does the client scan my Badge?
      • When you arrive on site, the client will scan your badge. Your badge can be scanned 24 hours before the Scheduled Date, and no later than 30 minutes after the Schedule Date. If you try to scan your badge at any other time, you may be denied access.
    7. After the badge is scanned, how long can I use it?
      • After the client scans your Badge you are automatically checked in. Your badge is active for 24 hours after it is scanned. You will have to manually clock out for breaks or when you are finished with the job.
      • You can clock in and out as many times as needed, and the client can scan the badge as many times as needed, within the 24-hour badge expiration period.
      • For overnight jobs your badge is still good as long as it is within the 24-hour time period of when it was initially scanned.
    8. What if 24 hours has passed and I am still working? What do I do?
      • After 24 hours the badge expires. Ask your manager or the client to move the Schedule Date into the future so you can generate a new badge.