About WorkForce for Site Access

    WorkForce is a software solution designed for service providers to meet the compliance, service and security requirements of their customers.

    When your client or provider partner sends you work orders you can use WorkForce to assign work orders to subcontractors and/or technicians. Your technicians will then use a web application called JobSite to manage these work orders, generate a site access ‘badge’ to gain entry to locations, and check in and out of work orders.

    WorkForce is part of Site Access technology, which provides transparency between locations and provider technicians by offering on-site efficiency, compliance and security for both you and your clients. It assures security — while also helping you feel secure — during on-site access.

    Setting Up Background Screening with Checkr

    During the setup process you will create an account with a background checking company, Checkr. Checkr is a leading background check company who has partnered with ServiceChannel to help you manage technicians. Your client or provider partner will determine whether you must have a valid background check on file through WorkForce.

    Important: ServiceChannel does NOT see or access any information that Checkr provides to your company.

    Accessing WorkForce

    Creating a WorkForce profile is an important first step toward enabling Site Access. Technicians cannot use JobSite to manage work orders until you add the technicians to WorkForce.