About JobSite for Site Access

    Imagine you are about to go on a flight: you have purchased your airline tickets for a specific flight on a specific date and time. Your boarding pass allows you access past the security gates and onto that flight. You may even use your mobile phone to manage your boarding passes. You also feel safe knowing that everyone on your flight has the same boarding pass as you and will go through the same security as you.

    JobSite is a mobile web app that allows you to effectively manage work orders while ensuring on-site compliance at locations. For each work order you have a badge (or “boarding passes”) that will grant you access to customer locations (or “flights”).

    JobSite is part of the Site Access module, which offers on-site efficiency, compliance and security for both you and your clients. It assures security — while also helping you feel secure — while you are on-site.

    Note: JobSite is optimized for the mobile smartphone, however you may use any hand-held device (phone or tablet) or computer (desktop or laptop) that connects to the Internet.

    Logging in to JobSite for Site Access

    In JobSite you can:

    • create a profile that is linked to your service providers who use the ServiceChannel application
    • manage work orders assigned through ServiceChannel application
    • manage Site Access badges associated with your assigned work orders

    JobSite Access

    SC Mobile Connectivity Requirements

    Wi-Fi or Cellular Data

    You need an Internet connection (either through Wi-Fi or cellular data) to use JobSite. JobSite does not allow offline access.

    Location Services

    Your device’s Location Services option allows permissioned apps to locate you via GPS. JobSite uses Location Services to check you into work orders, based on your proximity to the location.

    JobSite does not use Location Services while you are not using the app.

    Camera and Photos/Videos Access

    You have the ability to take photos/Videos of issues and attach them to work orders. Your mobile device may ask for permission to access your camera and/or photos/Videos for the sole purpose of taking and attaching photos/Videos related to these actions.