Viewing and Modifying Work Orders in SC Mobile

    Work orders logged through either SC Mobile or the Dashboard will appear in the work order list in SC Mobile. You may see either all work orders for one location, or all work orders across all location(s) to which you have access.

    Note: SC Mobile does not follow permissions based on Location Note Headers.

    While viewing the work order list you may:

    You may also create a new work order and view/add notes and attachments.

    How to access Work Orders for a single Location:

    Note: Users with access to only one location will not have to choose a Location, it will automatically be chosen for you.

    1. On the SC Mobile home page, tap Locations.
    2. Locate and tap the desired location. The work orders for that location appears.

    Work Order List in SC Mobile

    How to access Work Orders for all Locations:

    1. On the SC Mobile home page, tap WOs. The Work Orders page appears, listing work orders for all locations to which you have access.

    Work Order List for All Accessible Locations in SC Mobile

    Viewing Work Order Details

    The Work Orders list displays work orders for both the past 90 days and 90 days into the future. This list provides a brief overview of each listed work order. Tapping a work order provides more details.

    Work Order Overview

    Details of a Work Order in a Work Order List

    • Work Order Status: a colored box indicating the status the work order is in, in line with the statuses in Service Automation. In this example, the work order is in the “Open” status.

      Work Order Statuses

    • Work Order Highlight: Only the trade, issue description, store number and location, and provider assigned to the work order are listed. In this example,
      • the work order is in the “Electrical” trade
      • the issue description is “Back Area/Lighting…”
      • the Location ID is “001” located in “NY 11210” and
      • the service provider is “iFixx Services”.
    • Schedule Date: Approximately when the service provider plans to be at your location. In this example, the service provider is scheduled to arrive “in 6 days”.
      • Tip: When a provider is scheduled to arrive today you will see a time. Otherwise, you will see either “in x days” or “x days ago” or “x month(s) ago”.
    • Priority: The number of days from the Schedule Date the service provider should arrive onsite to work on the issue, as configured by your administrator. In this example, the priority is “7 days”.

    Filtering Work Orders

    To help narrow down your work order list, you may filter by Status, Category, Priority, Trade, and/or Provider. This is beneficial, for example, when you want to only see the repair work orders, in-progress work orders or emergency work orders.

    The Default filter displays work orders in all statuses, categories, priorities, trades, and/or providers with scheduled dates over the past 3 months. You can make adjustments to this default filter in case you always want to display certain work orders, such as those only in the repair category, or those only in a subset of statuses, or those going back 6-12 months. You can also keep this filter as is so you’ll have a quick way to reset other filters.

    Default Work Order Filter in SC Mobile

    You can also create custom filters to hone in on the exact work order set you need.

    In this example, the filter is configured to display work orders

    • with scheduled dates from the past month
    • in 2 different statuses (open and in progress)
    • in the Repair category
    • with a priority of Emergency-4 Hours
    • across all trades and providers.

    You can name the filter in a way that clearly describes the filter. In this example, the filter is titled “Emerg Open/InProg Repairs.”

    When using the Provider filter, you can either include or exclude providers, up to a certain amount. The Provider filter options are:

    • include all providers;
    • include at least 1 provider;
    • include up to 10 providers; and
    • exclude up to 10 providers (meaning, if you have 40 providers in your list, your filter can only exclude 10 of them).

    Note: You can create up to 3 custom filters.

    Custom Work Order Filters in SC Mobile

    Once filters are applied, they remain turned on — even when you quit the app or logout. You must either apply the default filter (in case you left it unchanged) or reset the default filter to see all work orders for the location.

    Tip: We recommend resetting the Default filter so you do not lose changes to your custom filters.

    Applied Filters on Work Orders in SC Mobile

    How to create a Custom Filter:

    1. On the Work Orders list page, tap Filter WOs. The Filter Work Orders page appears.
    2. Tap the + plus icon on the top of the page. A new filter modal appears.
    3. Tap the pencil icon to give the filter a name. (Note: There is a maximum of 26 displayed characters. Additional characters are hidden.)
    4. Use the slider to view work orders by scheduled date, from 1 month to 12 months.
    5. Tap each criteria to select the Statuses, Categories, Priorities, Trades, and/or Providers to view, and then tap Apply (#) on the bottom of each filter.
    6. After selecting choices for each criteria, tap Apply on the filter modal. The work order list updates based on the filter selected.

    How to turn on filters or change the applied filter:

    1. On the Work Orders list page:
      • (When no filters are applied) Tap Filter WOs. The Filter Work Orders page appears.
      • (When a filter is applied) Tap Filters Applied. The Filter Work Orders page appears, highlighting in white the filter that is currently applied.
        Turning On Work Order Filters in SC Mobile
    2. On the bottom right of the desired filter, tap Apply. The work order list updates based on the applied filter’s criteria.

    How to turn filters off:

    Tip: We recommend leaving the default filter unconfigured so you can easily turn filters off. In case you configured the default, then the criteria must be reset to turn filters off.

    1. On the Work Orders list page, tap Filters Applied. The Filter Work Orders page appears.
    2. On the Default filter, do one of the following:
      • (When Default is not configured) Tap Apply. The Filters Applied area changes to Filter WOs.
      • (When Default is configured) Tap Reset, and then tap Apply. The Filters Applied area changes to Filter WOs.

    Work Order Details


    Tapping a work order displays its Details, as follows:



    Location Notes

    Details about the Location, as configured in the Locations module in Service Automation. From here, you may also call a location when a phone number is entered.



    The current stage of the work order.


    The number of days from the Schedule Date the service provider should arrive onsite to work on the issue, as configured by your administrator.

    Related Proposals*

    The list of Proposals linked to the work order, along with the proposal status. (See “Taking Action on Proposals in SC Mobile” for more information.)

    Schedule Date**

    The date and time the service provider should arrive at your location, calculated by the Priority.

    Call Date

    The date the work order was generated.


    The person who submitted the work order.


    The line of work under which the work order falls.

    Provider / Provider’s Phone* **

    The company assigned the work order. Tap the Provider’s name to pull up the telephone number

    NTE* **

    An acronym for not to exceed: the maximum amount the service provider may charge for the service listed on the work order.


    Whether the current work order is a recall from an earlier job.

    Tracking Number

    This is the automatically generated number for a work order. This number cannot be changed.

    Work Order Number / Purchase Order Number**

    These editable numbers allow you to put custom numbers that align with your current business practices.


    The explanation of the problem, as entered while placing the service request.


    Classifications that are created in the system by the administrator to group different types of work orders.

    Last Note

    Additional details about the work order, entered either automatically by the system or by users or service providers.

    * = Your system configuration determines if you can see Related Proposals, Provider’s Phone, and/or NTE.

    ** = Users with edit rights will see a pencil icon next to editable fields. See Modifying a Work Order, below, for more information.

    Modifying Work Order Details

    Permissioned users may edit various work order details in SC Mobile. A pencil icon indicates the field(s) you are able to edit. The following fields may be modified:

    • Status, Priority, and Category
    • Schedule Date and NTE
    • Description of work order
    • Purchase Order Number
    • Provider assignment and Trade (See “Reassigning a Work Order,” below.)
    Note: our permissions, as set by your administrator, determine which of these fields you can edit.
    Note: Users who only have edit rights in the Dashboard can only edit work order statuses.

    How to Modify Work Order Details

    1. On the desired field, tap the pencil icon to update the related information.
      • Spin wheels are used for Status, Priority, Category, Schedule Date
      • Text entry is used for Description, Purchase Order Number, and NTE
      • Drop-down menus + spin wheels are used for Provider and Trade
    2. Tap Save. The work order is updated.

    Editable Work Order Information

    Reassigning a Work Order

    Permissioned users may reassign a work order to another service provider when the original provider is not able to service your location. This may be for various reasons — examples may be because the provider is not able to make the schedule date or the work order was created under a specific trade and the provider does not service that trade.

    Reassigning a Work Order in SC Mobile

    How to Reassign a Work Order to another service provider:

    1. On the desired work order detail, tap either Trade or Provider. The Reassign WO page appears.
      Note: When tapping Trade, the Trade drop-down menu expands. When tapping Provider, the Provider drop-down menu expands.
    2. Tap the desired drop-down menu(s) and then use the spin wheel underneath to modify the Trade and/or Provider.
    3. Tap the Reason drop-down menu, and then use the spin wheel to select the purpose for reassignment.
    4. Tap Reassign to update the work order -OR- continue below steps to add notes/photos/videos/emails to the reassignment.
    5. (Optional) Tap Add Note to communicate information to the new service provider.
      • (Optional) Tap Add Photo to either take a current photo or video of the issue or to attach a photo or video already taken of the issue.
    6. Tap Proceed. The Notifications page appears.
    7. (Optional) Tap the name(s) of the people you wish to notify about the reassignment, and/or tap Add Email+ to enter an email of a person who is not listed.
      Note: Only ServiceChannel users with email address listed in Admin > Users will appear in this list.)
    8. Tap Send. The work order is reassigned to the new service provider.

    Creating a Work Order

    From the Work Orders list page tap New WO, and then follow the steps to create a new work order.

    Create Work Order from Work Order List