Managing Invitation Labels and Notes

    Assigning labels to invitations based on the invitation details and/or status helps you to act on desired invitations as required. Similarly, adding notes to invitations helps you share your notes with other users in your company and determine the required actions. You can add and manage labels and notes for both active and inactive invitations.

    Invitation Labels

    You can add, edit, or delete any label through Contractors, Invitations, or My Agreements pages. However to apply or remove a label from an invitation, you need to perform the necessary steps from the Active Invitations or Inactive Invitations pages.

    See Labels for more information.

    Invitation Notes

    Notes can be added to both active and inactive invitations. These notes are visible to everyone at your company, but are not visible to service providers.

    See Notes for more information on viewing, adding, or deleting notes.