Viewing the Site Audit List and Reviewing Audit Results

    Site Audits Landing Page

    Each Site Audit submitted by auditors through SC Mobile is listed in Site Audits. Permissioned users can:

    • review all site audits, or filter audits by date, location, and/or audit type;
    • drill down into each audit to view checklists, ratings, photos, comments, work orders, and quantities/costs;
    • download individual site audit data; and
    • download filtered audit data.

    Viewing the Site Audit List

    Each audit line item consists of the following:

    Site Audits: Audit Example (with Descriptions)

    • Audit Date: The date the auditor submitted the audit through SC Mobile.
    • Audit Type: The name of the audit the auditor used in SC Mobile, as configured in Site Audit Setup.
    • Overall Rating Score: Calculated "Pass" against "Fail" rating values for checklist items within the audit. (See "Site Audit Rating System and Overall Audit Score Calculation," below, for more information on how this score is derived.)
    • Location Information: The Location ID, Location Name and Address where the audit was conducted. Clicking on the Location information will bring permissioned users to the Locations module.
    • View: Drill down into the audit to see checklists, ratings, photos, comments, work orders, and quantities/costs. Clicking on anywhere (except Location information and Download XLS) will also drill down into the audit.
    • Download XLS: Download to your device the Site Audit data submitted by the auditor.
      Note: Site Audit photos will not appear in the XLS download. You must review the Site Audit report in Service Automation to see photos related to the audit. However, when a Work Order is created with photos attached, the work order photos will appear as links in the XLS file, under the Actions Items tab.
    Site Audit Rating System and Overall Audit Score Calculation

    The rating system for each item is configured in Site Audit Setup, under the Admin module. While an Auditor is on site (s)he will rate each listed Checklist Item using either:

    • Pass or Fail, as indicated by either a green checkmark (Pass) or a red X (Fail); or
    • Numeric, as indicated by a 1-5 rating scale:
      • Fail: rating of 1 or 2
      • Pass: rating of 3, 4, or 5.

    Checklist Items without a rating will have NA listed in the ratings box. An auditor may mark a checklist item as NA, for example, when a particular checklist item is not at the location, or when rating the checklist item is not applicable for that location.

    Audit checklist line items marked as NA are excluded from the overall audit score. In other words, audit scores are solely calculated on checklist items marked as "Pass" against those marked as "Fail."

    Filtering the Site Audit List

    Filters, located on the left of the list page, help you find audits faster so you can take action faster. You can filter audits by the following criteria:

    Site Audit Filters

    • Date: Past month, past 3 months, past year, or custom date range. By default, you will see all audits for the past month.
    • Location: Location ID, Location Name, District, Region, or Country.
    • Audit Type: Active Audit Types, as configured in Site Audit Setup. (Note: Inactive Audit Types will not appear in this filter.)

    Reviewing Audit Results

    Individual Site Audit data, as submitted by an auditor, captures actionable information about the location. The data is grouped by Area, then Checklist, then Checklist Items. Drill down to view:

    • the number of Checklist Items in an Area and Checklist that failed inspection;
    • checklist item Ratings that determine whether each item passed or failed inspection;
    • related photos and comments to support ratings data;
    • related work orders; and
    • total quantities and costs (in dollars) of checklist items indicated at the location during an audit (or the total of the related cost of a checklist item). (Note: The columns are hidden by default, but can be turned on in the Filters.)

    How to Review Audit Results:

    1. On the Site Audit list page, locate the desired Site Audit line item.
      • (Optional) Use Filters to help you narrow down your audit list.
    2. On the desired audit, click View (or click the line item itself - except Locations). The audit report appears.
      View a Site Audit
    3. On the top of the page, view the Date the auditor submitted the audit, and the Audit Type used for the audit.
    4. In the blue bar, view the following:
      • Location (left column): Location number and address, as configured in the Locations module.
      • Auditor (middle column): The person who inspected the site and ran the audit, including contact information, as configured in the Users module.
      • Overall Rating Score (right column): Calculated "Pass" against "Fail" rating values for checklist items within the audit.
      • Download: an Excel version of the audit.
      • Print PDF: generate a printed view of the audit, controlled by your browser settings.
    5. View the audit data, using filters to hone in on specific details. (See Drilling Down into Audit Results, below, for more information on reading audit data.)
      • Click the triangles to the left of each Area, Checklist, and/or Checklist Item to expand/collapse (or show/hide) the data.
    6. When finished, click Close on the top-right of the page to return to the Site Audit list.

    Drilling Down into Audit Results

    In the image below, for example, Area = BOH, Checklist = Bathroom, and Checklist Item = Doors, Exhaust Vent and Floors.

    Example of an Expanded Site Audit Checklist Item

    Let’s discuss how to read each line item:




    (Example: BOH)

    Area BOH has 3 checklist items that failed inspection, out of 21 items. There are 16 photos, 4 work orders, 12 comments, and 15 quantities associated with the BOH Area.


    (Example: Bathroom)

    Checklist Bathroom has 1 checklist item that has failed inspection, out of 13 items. There is 1 photo, 1 work order, 2 comments, and 3 quantities associated with Bathroom.

    Checklist Items

    (Examples: Doors, Exhaust Vent, Floors)

    Checklist Item Doors is highlighted in pink as an item that has failed inspection. The red X indicates that the Pass/Fail rating system was used. (See "Site Audit Rating System and Overall Audit Score Calculation," above, for more information.)

    There is 1 photo, 1 work order, 1 comment, and 2 quantities associated with Doors.

    Expanding this item reveals more audit data:

    • Instructions to the auditor, as configured in Site Audit Setup, are listed first under the Checklist Item. In this example, “Hinges OK, no noise, closes properly and completely” is the instruction.
    • Work Orders associated with the item are listed next. Full details (Area/Problem Type/Asset Type/Problem Code/Description) are listed, along with the Tracking Number, Scheduled Date, and Priority. In this example, “Tracking Number 80947909” was logged while this item was being inspected. Clicking the Tracking Number will navigate you to the Work Order in Service Automation.
      Note: Any photos uploaded with the work order will not appear in the Site Audit Report. You may either click the tracking number to see the photos related to the work orders or download the XLS file to view the links to the photos.
    • Comments entered by the auditor during the inspection are listed next. Comments about the “Master Door” were logged in this example.

    Checklist Item Exhaust Vent is not highlighted in red, which indicates it has passed inspection. Again, the Pass/Fail rating system was used, but this time the green checkmark indicates a passing rating. There are no photos, work orders, comments, or quantities associated with this item.

    Checklist Item Floors has also passed inspection. However, there is a 3 in the ratings box, which indicates the Numeric rating system was used. (See "Site Audit Rating System and Overall Audit Score Calculation," above, for more information.) There is only 1 comment associated with this item.

    Filtering Audit Data

    On the top of the audit page, use filters to help you hone in on the most actionable data.

    Site Audit View Report Filters

    Click these filters to:

    • view all Checklist Items, or only those items that have either passed or failed inspection;
    • expand all items to show all comments, photos, and work orders for the entire audit;
    • hide “NA” checklist items (in other words, hide items that were not rated by the auditor);
    • show/hide photos related to an audit item; and
    • show/hide quantities and costs (in dollars) columns related to an item (these two columns are hidden by default).

    Site Audit Filters: Quantity and Dollars Columns

    Printing Audit Data

    You may print your audit data through a printer or save it as a PDF file using printing capabilities of your browser. Note that only the data that appears on the screen will print — for example, when you have expanded all data or hid photos, exactly what is on your screen is exactly what will print/saved as PDF.

    How to Print Audit Results:

    1. On the desired Site Audit report, arrange your report to show exactly what you want printed or saved as PDF.
    2. Click the Print PDF button on the top blue bar. Your device’s print dialog box appears.
    3. Either print directly to a printer or save as PDF, as described in your printer settings.