Conducting an Audit

    Conducting an audit requires you to rate the conditions of each Checklist Item. You may also place comments and media to help support your ratings, and enter work orders for more serious infractions. While conducting an audit you may:

    • view the number of Checklist Items to audit for each Checklist
    • rate checklist items with either a Pass/Fail or Numeric (1-5) system
    • add comments and photos to support your rating
    • enter work orders to repair/replace assets, when warranted
    • enter the quantity or the dollar amount of the items audited
    • view past Checklist Item ratings from previous audits.

    Once you have conducted your audit you must upload your data. Upon upload, all ratings, comments, work orders, and quantities are sent to Site Audits in Service Automation for reporting purposes.

    Note: Starting a new audit before completing the current audit will delete all data from the current audit, even when you are auditing separate locations. Be sure to complete and upload your current audit before starting a new one.

    The below will walk you through navigating the screens to conduct an audit.

    Note: Become familiar with the details of Audit pages before going through these steps.

    How to conduct an Audit:

    1. On the Area/Checklist page, locate and tap the Checklist corresponding to where you wish to audit. The Checklist Items list page appears.
      Note: Should a Checklist not be available, you may add one to the list.
    2. Locate the appropriate Checklist Item.
    3. Tap the blue dots to the left of a Checklist Item to cycle through and select the appropriate Rating. (Note: You can also select a Rating after the next step.)
    4. Tap the blue arrow to the right of a Checklist Item to navigate to the Audit page.
    5. Tap the Ratings bar along the top to choose or modify the Rating.
    6. (Optional) Tap Instructions for guidance on how to inspect and rate the item.
    7. (Where applicable) Tap Add Comments to add your notes about the item.
      • In the Enter Comment field, provide a descriptive note discussing your rating or notes for future audits.
      • (Optional) Tap Add Photo to either take a new photo or choose from your device’s photo library.
      • Next to Show in Next Audit?, tap the toggle to Yes for comments you want to review about this item during a future audit. (Note: When you enter a comment and turn on this feature, your comment will be visible to other auditors.)
      • Tap Proceed.
    8. (Where applicable) Tap Add Photos to capture an image of the item.
      • (Optional) Enter a comment about the photo
      • (Optional) Toggle Show in Next Audit? To Yes to have the image appear to inspectors in a future audit.
      • Tap Proceed.
    9. (Where applicable) Tap Add WO to enter a work order for this item.
      • Select the appropriate Area, Problem Type, Asset Type and Problem Code, and follow the details for troubleshooting and entering details.
      • (Optional) Add a Photo that will be sent to the service provider.
      • Review your name, phone number, and problem description.
      • Tap Next. The Confirm WO Information appears.
      • Review the listed information.
        • Should you have edit rights, you will see pencils so you may change the Description, Category, Priority, NTE, Scheduled Date, and/or Provider, where needed.
      • Tap Save This WO. The work order is saved to your audit, but it will not dispatch until you upload your audit.
    10. (Where applicable) Tap Add Quantity to enter the number of items.
      • Enter a number in the field. (Note: By default, you are stating a Quantity.)
        • Tap Dollars to reflect dollar amounts/costs.
      • Tap Save. The Add Quantity button changes to Update Quantity should you need to modify or remove the data.
    11. Tap the back arrow on the top-left of the screen to go back to the Checklist Items list page.
    12. When all items are rated, tap the back arrow again to go back to the Area/Checklist list page.
    13. When all Checklists are complete, tap Upload on the top of the screen. All Checklist Items will upload into the system, including comments, photos, work orders, and quantities.
      Note: All Work Orders associated with the audit are dispatched to the appropriate service provider(s) upon upload.

    Uploading an Audit

    When uploading an audit all ratings, comments, work orders, and quantities are sent to Site Audits in Service Automation for reporting purposes. You can only upload an audit once all Checklist Items are rated. You will see a warning when you attempt to upload an incomplete audit.

    Incomplete Audit Warning

    There are two ways to upload an audit:

    • After taping Audits, you will see the Open / In Progress section listing your current audit. Tap Upload Audit to submit your audit data to Service Automation. (Note: A number listed next to the audit type indicates an incomplete audit.)

    Open / In Progress Page

    • Within an audit, tap Upload on either the Checklists page or the Checklist Items page. (Note: On the Checklists page any list that has a number next to it indicates the number of Checklist Items that were not rated. On the Checklist Item page any item with 3 dots next to it indicates an unrated item. Site Audit Mobile will not upload your audit without a rating for every Checklist Item.)

    Checklist Page