About Settings

    The Settings menu option of Compliance Manager can be used to set individual users’ preferences as well as to manage company-level settings.

    Users in your company can manage their basic and/or company settings based on the roles assigned to them:

    • All users: personal preferences
    • Users with Sys Admin (System Administrator) role: personal preferences plus company settings

    How to Access Settings

    1. In the far-right corner of the submenu at the top, click Settings (gear icon). The Settings page appears, with the Personal tab selected by default.
    Note: Only users with Sys Admin role will see the Company Settings tab.

    Compliance Manager Settings

    Personal Tab

    Under the Personal tab, you can:

    Company Tab

    Users with Sys Admin roles can also modify company-level settings and:

    • Manage users’ access to Compliance Manager as well as their permissions and roles
    • Manage alert subscriptions for expiration notifications or changes to key information such as tax ID or dispatch preferences of service providers
    • Manage company settings such as search statistic visibility and private network acceptance criteria
    • Manage company information by updating any changes to company name, address, or contact details
    • Manage message templates for easy handling of bulk mails, such as invitations and custom messages