Setting Up Single Sign On

    You can access Compliance Manager through Service Automation by enabling Single Sign On, and may access all information that would be available to you when you login directly to Compliance Manager.

    How to Set up Single Sign On

    1. In your Internet browser, go to, and enter your username and password in the respective textboxes.
    2. Click Login. The Service Automation page appears.
    3. On the top navigation bar, click more ▾ > Compliance (Private Network).
      Setting Up Single Sign On for Service Automation and Fixxbook
      The login page opens up with a message about linking your Service Automation and Compliance Manager accounts.
      Setting Up Single Sign On for Service Automation and Fixxbook: Fixxbook Message
    4. Enter your email and password.
    5. Click Login. The Compliance Summary page displays. Single Sign On is enabled, and you will be able to access Compliance Manager through Service Automation.

    Removing Single Sign On

    Should you not want to link your Compliance Manager and Service Automation accounts, you may disable the Single Sign On option through Compliance Manager Settings. See Managing Single Sign On Settings for more information.

    Note: Users with the Sys Admin role may remove Single Sign On for other users through Settings.