Searching for and Sorting Agreements

    The Search Filters for agreements are available in the left side of the My Agreements page.

    When you apply a filter, a yellow side bar appears next to it so you have a quick view of how your list is filtered. You may remove your filters once you are done with your search.

    Note: You may need to click a filter name to view the available options.




    Search for an agreement by using the name of the company, agreement, or attached file, or tax Id of the company.

    Enter one of these details in the text box, and click Search.

    Is Expired?

    Search for agreements based on whether they are active or expired, by selecting either Yes or No as applicable.

    Has attachments?

    Search for agreements based on whether they have attachments, by selecting either Yes or No as applicable.


    Select the boxes next to the labels to look for invitations with those labels. Click Select All to look for all invitations with labels. See Managing Labels for more information on applying/removing labels from agreements.

    Removing Filters

    Should you want to use a different filter, first click either Clear or Select None to remove the previously applied filters. You may also uncheck any previously selected options.

    Tip: Refreshing the page or navigating away from the page automatically clears all filters.

    Sorting the Agreements List

    You may sort the list of your agreements by company name, email, or phone.

    How to Sort the Agreements List

    1. On the Compliance Summary page, click Agreements. The My Agreements page appears.
    2. In the top-right corner of the page, click the Sort List By drop-down list.
    3. Click the appropriate criterion in the list by which you wish to sort. The agreements get sorted by that criterion.