About Payment Terms

    Standard payment schedules help you to pay your service providers on time and to better manage your finances. In addition, service providers often offer discounts on invoices that are paid within a certain period of time. With Compliance Manager, you can add a standard payment program to define your typical payment plan. You can also add exception payment programs for specific service providers.

    How to Access Payment Terms

    1. On the Compliance Summary page, click the Payment Terms tab. The page opens with the Manage Payment terms tab selected, displaying the Current working program and Contractors details sections.
      Payment Terms Page

    The Current working program section displays the payment program that is in effect. The Proposed program section appears only when you have configured a program that will take effect on a future date.

    The Contractors details section displays your service provider list and whether each company has an exception payment program. Clicking the + icon next to each service provider displays the details of the payment program for the provider.

    The History tab displays the list of payment programs added, as well as details such as the date a program was added and the user who added it.