About Invitations

    Inviting and adding your service providers to your private network lets you manage them easily in Compliance Manager, and lets you dispatch work orders in Service Automation.

    From the Invitations section, you can invite service providers to your private network and manage invitations. Once you add service providers to your private network, you can then manage them through the Active Contractors page.

    How to Access Invitations

    1. On the Compliance Summary page, hover your mouse over the Contractors tab. A list of options appear.
    2. Click Invitations. The Active Invitations page appears.
      Invitations Page

    From here, you manage invitations:

    • Active Invitations lists the invitations you have sent to your service providers, and allows you to accept or decline a service provider, view service providers' progress with completing your requirements, and approve/reject insurance documents uploaded by service providers.
    • Inactive Invitations lists your invitation history either after you accept, decline, or revoke an invitation or after an invitation expires.
    • Create Invitations lets you send invitations to service providers.