About Requirements

    In order to receive quality services from service providers, it is important to ensure they have required licenses/insurances and to obtain key information from them, such as banking and rates.

    ServiceChannel provides you a list of basic requirements to choose from, and allows you to set insurance requirements in four categories: Commercial General Liability, Automobile Liability, Umbrella Liability, Excess Liability, and Workers Compensation and Employers’ Liability. In addition, you may also define custom requirements for all or any group of service providers.

    You may review the compliance of your service providers with the basic, custom, and insurance requirements in the Compliance Summary tab.

    How to Access the Requirements Page

    1. On the Compliance Summary page, click the Requirements tab. The requirements that you can set for your service providers are grouped in three pages:
      • Basic Requirements - Indicate which of the basic requirements are required for your service providers.
      • Custom Requirements - Add custom requirements you need your service providers to comply with.
      • Insurance Requirements - Set insurance requirements for your service providers.

      Basic Requirements