About Contractors

    After you set up your ServiceChannel account, you can invite and add new service providers to your private network through Compliance Manager. Once the service providers are in your private network, you can manage them easily through the Contractors tab.

    The Contractors tab is accessible from the Compliance Manager landing page. It has three menu items: Contractors, Invitations, and Contractor Match.


    The Contractors section has four pages from where you can perform different actions:

    In the main pane of the Active Contractors and Inactive Contractors pages, for each service provider, you can view the primary and company email, rating, profile score, general profile completion, my requirements completion, section requirements completion, number of technicians, Vendor ID, notes, and join date.

    You can also view service providers’ profiles, W9 and sales tax reports, and communicate with them.


    The Invitations section has three pages:

    • Create Invitation - Send invitation to either a single service provider or multiple service providers at once
    • Active Invitations - Manage invitations that are not expired and invitations that service providers have accepted or replied to
    • Inactive Invitations - Resend expired invitations; export or delete invitations

    Contractor Match

    From the Contractor match page, you can identify whether service providers currently performing services for your company are already in Fixxbook, and if so whether they are already part of your private network.

    How to Access Contractors

    1. On the Compliance Summary page, click the Contractors tab. The Active Contractors page appears. You can also hover your mouse over the Contractors tab, and then click Contractors, Invitations, or Contractor match to land on the respective pages.
      Accessing Contractors Pages